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Bio Resonance Therapy (Bicom)


BICOM is a non-invasive, gentle therapy we use daily here at PHQ to help with a wide variety of complaints. Conditions range from skin reactions like dermatitis and eczema through to food sensitivities. We find food intolerances very common among society today and can manifest as reactions like allergic respiratory conditions, sinusitis and hay-fever and even asthma.


The word BICOM is a compilation of two words - BIO is short for biology which means ‘the study of living things’ and COM, the first three letters from the word ‘computer’. BICOM is simply a computer that measures life forces and it’s electrical energy.


BICOM works by assisting the body to reduce its toxin or stress load and helps to restore the body's ability to ‘self-regulate’, or heal itself. Therefore it is best known for treating stress factors that may be contributing to environmental illness. Symptoms that manifest from this include general aches and pains, digestive upsets, skin blemishes or a general feeling of "not being quite right".

BICOM detects changes in physiological functions that are outside of normal awareness, it amplifies these signals then provides a balanced feedback into the patient with the intention of promoting healing.

Based on the Quantum physics understanding that all types of matter are made up of energy that emits energy. Matter is compressed energy and emits energy. Every substance and therefore every cell, every part of the body but also viruses, bacteria, pollen etc. all emit energy and therefore have a highly specific, typical wavelength or frequency with an entirely individual characteristic like a ‘fingerprint’. It is also termed the frequency pattern.

The BICOM not only measures and reads electrical energy but then modifies any imbalances via metal and magnetic plates and then reverse plays back into the patient the corrected and balanced frequencies. This is an effective way of changing chemistry without using chemical substances.

For further explanations of the physics behind it, please go to


The number of BICOM treatments depends on various factors and will be discussed with you as the process continues. It is often controlled by the degree of toxic and allergic load combined with the level of vitality a person has. The more there is going on for an individual, generally the more treatments will be required to restore balance.


Through our understanding of how BICOM works and its effect on helping the body balance and heal itself, it can be applied to a wide range of conditions: -

  •  Allergy and food sensitivities
  •  Eczema and skin rashes
  • Hay-fever and respiratory conditions
  • Quit Smoking Program
  • Poor energy
  • Digestive imbalances- constipation, diarrhea, bloating, wind

Treatments are painless and non-invasive and safe for everyone especially infants and small children right up to the elderly or frail. In babies and infants who are breastfed, sometimes we need to treat the mother also, dependent on the condition.


As it is supporting the health of the body, most conditions can benefit from BICOM support. There are however some cautions we apply and in general its not recommended to use BICOM in the first trimester of pregnancy. Throughout the rest of pregnancy BICOM is a safe therapy to use although your practitioner will need to modify the approach a little (hence its important to seek a well trained and experienced BICOM therapist).

Other conditions require some modification too, and once adjusted to suit the individual, BICOM can be safely used. Such cases include auto-immunity, organ transplant, haemophilia, those suffering extreme fatigue and cases of metal implants, pacemakers and hearing aids. In these cases BICOM is still a safe and effective tool, we just need to make some adjustments to suit the individual.


While the use of BICOM may be new to you, it has been used extensively in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and in the Netherlands and UK. Today, there are over 7000 BICOM devices in Germany, used by both medical practitioners in private practice and by natural therapists. It is starting to become more well known outside Europe, especially in China, where BICOM devices are purchased by government hospitals*, primarily children’s hospitals.

Most research into the use and effectiveness of BICOM has focused around its role in allergies. Evidence for this use is strong and as such the BICOM device is listed with the TGA. Clinical studies show its effectiveness in allergic disease, including allergic dermatitis, eczema, asthma and allergic respiratory diseases. There are also studies showing improvements in patients with liver cell damage, and in clinic we have seen success in various other health conditions.



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* Note, this should not be interpreted as endorsement from the Chinese government.